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Whether you’re the owner of a top-notch production house or a struggling fashion designer - we offer flexible pricing plans to suit different budgets. Get the best DMCA service without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also reach out to us for a tailor-made plan.

Diverse service

Diverse Services

From identifying pirated copies of your products to sending DMCA Takedown Notices - we are the one-stop destination for all your DMCA needs. Our experts work round-the-clock to remove pirated files and fraudulent search engine listings and submit abuse forms on various online platforms.

Guaranteed result

Guaranteed Results

We take pride in handpicking our DMCA experts who have years of experience in this field. Armed with the latest cutting-edge technology, our team strives to identify and remove plagiarized files from all platforms including P2P torrents, search engines, tube sites, and social media.

Weekly Reports

We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our clients. Apart from monitoring the internet 24x7 to find and remove pirated files, we share regular updates in the form of comprehensive weekly reports. You can review the number of infringements detected and the status of DMCA Takedown Notices.

Our DMCA Services

Software/app security

Software/App Takedown

We assign a dedicated team that uses advanced AI algorithms to monitor a plethora of mobile app stores from all over the world. Our team tracks and investigates cloned apps as well as potentially malicious apps. We also keep an eye on the unauthorized use of brand logos and copyrighted images by third-party developers. Whenever an infringement is confirmed, our team creates a detailed report and submits it to the relevant app stores requesting the removal of infringing apps.

online education DMCA protection

Online Courses DMCA

We understand that online educators work extremely hard to develop groundbreaking courses. That is why we take special care to safeguard the intellectual property rights of online course creators. All you have to do is get in touch with us and provide the details of your course materials. We assign a dedicated team that hunts various search engines and platforms including YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, etc. to track unauthorized use of your study materials. We also handle the excruciating task of contacting each platform to remove the plagiarized content.


Soundcloud DMCA

We know that musicians often spend sleepless nights perfecting a single tune. It is only natural to get frustrated when you find your audio files being used without your permission. Worse still, you may not even be aware of such unauthorized use. This is where our DMCA experts step into the picture. We scan SoundCloud to identify potential cases of infringement and analyze each one of them. In addition to reporting such tracks to SoundCloud, we issue DMCA Takedown Notices to the concerned creators.

Twitch DMCA​

Twitch DMCA

The rampant growth of the internet has made everyone vulnerable to piracy. Even gamers and sports broadcasters aren’t immune to this peril. The very nature of Twitch makes it imperative that we track any instance of piracy on the go. Our team takes additional steps to identify and confirm copyright infringement in real-time. We immediately notify the account owners and issue a DMCA Takedown Notice. We also inform Twitch about the incident and pursue regular follow-ups to ensure that the pirated content is removed.


Instagram DMCA

The vast reach of Instagram makes it painstakingly difficult to track unauthorized use of your content. Needless to say, such infringement dilutes your branding and may even affect your revenue. Luckily, our DMCA experts scour Instagram to detect unauthorized use of copyrighted content as well as duplicated products. We also use the latest technology to track the illegal use of your brand identity. Whenever we detect a potential copyright violation, we get in touch with the account owners and issue DMCA Takedown Notices.

Payment Gateway DMCA​

Payment Gateway DMCA

Every product developer’s worst nightmare is to see someone else sell duplicate/fake copies of your product. Apart from damaging your brand image, such fake products could injure or harm buyers. This, in turn, causes a breach of your customers’ trust and ruin your reputation even further. Luckily, our DMCA experts have got you covered. Our team tracks and investigates every potential duplicate product on various online stores. If the infringement is confirmed, we identify the concerned payment gateway and ask them to suspend their services.

Frequenty asked

We offer a diverse range of pocket-friendly plans for professionals in any industry. From filmmakers and musicians to online educators and software developers – our DMCA service is suitable for everyone. Our services are also available for victims of involuntary/revenge porn. We can even create a customized plan to suit your requirements. Just get in touch with us.

We track and analyze a wide array of content, ranging from audio recordings, videos, photographs, and illustrations to e-books, blog texts, software applications, and online courses. As long as you own the copyright to a piece of content, we will safeguard it against any possible infringement.

A team of experienced DMCA professionals is assigned with the task of identifying every case of potential copyright violation. We also use sophisticated AI algorithms to supplement the process. We issue DMCA Takedown Notices to all the concern ISPs, hosting platforms, and content creators. We regularly follow-up with them and respond to counter-notices to ensure that the pirated files are removed. We also share detailed weekly reports with our clients.

If the website owner/content creator doesn’t remove the plagiarized content, we get in touch with their web hosting provider, ISP, payment gateway, etc. If the plagiarized content is available on a streaming platform such as YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, etc., we submit abuse forms on the respective platforms. When it comes to protecting your copyrighted content, we leave no stone unturned.

We assign a dedicated team for you as soon as you select your pricing plan and make the payment. Thereafter, we may request additional information and documents from you. Once we have reviewed your content, you can expect to see the results soon as our AI algorithms detect infringements and we send DMCA Takedown Notices on your behalf.

We work hard to ensure meet the expectations of all our clients. However, we understand that sometimes our solutions may not be the right fit for your needs. We have a flexible “Cancel Anytime” Policy for such cases.

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