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We offer a broad spectrum of versatile and affordable DMCA services to suit the needs of various professionals including entrepreneurs, software developers, content creators, influencers, marketers, and much more.


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What We Do

We are your go-to DMCA experts for any issues related to piracy, plagiarism, and copyright violation.

Software DMCA service
Software/App Takedown

Our experts work round-the-clock to identify cloned apps, confirm copyright infringement, and take down any malicious/pirated software.

Soundcloud DMCA

We help musicians, podcasters, and sound engineers identify and remove any unauthorized use of their work on SoundCloud.

Instagram DMCA

A specialized team constantly scans Instagram to identify any unauthorized use of your content, products, and brand identity.

Online Courses DMCA

Our experts help online educators monitor and detect any unauthorized use of their course materials across various platforms.

Twich DMCA

A dedicated team of experts monitors Twitch round-the-clock to detect, confirm, and remove copyright violations in real-time.

Payment Gateway DMCA

We report to the respective payment gateway and request them to suspend their services