Copyright infringement has been plaguing digital content creators and software developers for a long time now. However, in today’s close-knit and tech-savvy world, no one is immune to the perils of plagiarism and piracy. Online gamers and sports broadcasters are the latest victims of this evil.

You might think that just because Twitch is a live streaming platform, it automatically safeguards you from piracy. However, the very nature of Twitch makes it even more difficult to track and remove plagiarized content. Needless to say, any incident of plagiarism will drive your audience away and consequently, damage your brand reputation.

That is why it is crucial to seek the help of trained DMCA professionals with adequate experience.

Real-Time DMCA Takedown

The first thing one needs to understand is that everything on Twitch happens in real-time. There is no point in detecting potential infringement hours after it has occurred. A large part of your viewers may have already seen it and the damage has been done.

This makes it all the more crucial to track every instance of piracy on the go. That is why we assign a specialized team of DMCA experts who are well-versed with the platform. We also equip our team with sophisticated AI algorithms and cutting-edge technology. All our experts work in tandem to monitor the platform and detect any potential infringement in real-time.

As soon as a violation is detected, our team immediately compiled an evidence report and submits it to Twitch. We focus on taking swift action before the plagiarized content gets much traction. We fill out and submit abuse forms on Twitch requesting the removal of the infringing content.

We take this up a notch by conducting periodic follow-ups to ensure that every trace of plagiarized content has been removed. Depending on the case, we may also request Twitch for the suspension of the respective accounts. We also issue DMCA takedown notices to the concerned creators and respond to their counter-notices.

We understand that fighting piracy on Twitch is an ongoing process. That is why our team remains particularly vigilant after an incident of infringement occurs. Rest assured we don’t give up until every piece of plagiarized content and copyright violation has been removed from Twitch.

Weekly Reporting

At DMCA Masters, we believe in the importance of maintaining transparent communication with our clients. Our team takes additional steps to ensure that you are never left in the dark about your project. We also share comprehensive weekly reports to help you keep a tab on the progress.

The report includes detailed insights such as the number of plagiarized files and copyright violations detected. You can also take a closer look at the steps that were taken to remove the pirated content and prevent such incidents in the future.

The best part is that our professional DMCA services won’t burn a hole in your pocket. We offer you a variety of affordable and flexible pricing plans. If these plans don’t fit your needs, you can even request us for a tailor-made plan.

Fighting piracy on Twitch requires swift decision-making and action. Contact us today to get started.