Instagram has emerged as an essential for building brand awareness and winning the trust of your potential customers. It can even help drive conversions and earn more revenue. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, Instagram is likely an indispensable part of your digital marketing strategy.

Yet, the unauthorized use of your content and branding on Instagram can be the bane of your business.

The Perils of Instagram

There are many ways in which piracy manifests itself on Instagram. The most common instance is when a content creator plagiarizes your work to build their own audience. If you don’t stop this at the right time, you might end up losing significant traffic and customers.

Likewise, many content creators might be using your brand logo as well as copyrighted images, videos, and audio files. Apart from stealing your audience, such copyright infringement also damages the brand identity you’ve worked so hard to build.

The worst-case scenario is when someone created duplicated products using your branding. If these duplicated products are available at a lower price, you could lose potential customers. Moreover, such products could be of inferior quality and may even cause harm to buyers. This, in turn, causes a breach in your audience’s trust and further tarnishes your brand’s reputation.

Thus, whether you’re a photographer, designer, product developer, or even a creative agency, you must safeguard yourself from piracy on Instagram. Unfortunately, the immense reach of Instagram makes it difficult to identify copyright violations and duplicated products. These illegal activities could be taking place on the opposite side of the world while you wonder why your sales have suddenly dropped.

The only way out is to seek the help of experienced DMCA professionals. This is exactly where our DMCA experts step into the picture.

We use a combination of the latest technology and advanced AI algorithms to identify plagiarized content. Our experts scour every nook and cranny of Instagram to detect unauthorized use of your brand identity. We also monitor the platform to find any products that might be replicating your prototype or misusing your branding.

Once we have identified the infringement, the content/product is thoroughly analyzed. We compile a detailed evidence report to confirm the plagiarism. The next step involves sending out DMCA takedown notices to the respective content creators. Our team also replies to counter-notices and does periodic follow-ups in case of no response.

We don’t stop at that! We are committed to preserving the integrity of your brand and content. That is why we go the extra mile and report every piece of infringing content on Instagram. Our team also submits abuse forms on Instagram and requests the removal of the plagiarized content.

Open Communication

We believe in letting our clients participate in the process of DMCA takedown. That is why we share weekly progress reports to let you track the progress. Our DMCA takedown services are available at the most pocket-friendly prices. Apart from our regular pricing plans, we can also design a customized plan based on your requirements.

Get in touch with us today to secure your brand identity on Instagram.