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Versatile, affordable, and customizable solutions for professionals in different fields

Software/App Takedown

Our experts use advanced AI algorithms to monitor and remove cloned apps and potentially malicious apps.

Instagram DMCA

Our experts scan the internet to identify and remove any unauthorized use of your content, products, and brand identity.

Online Course DMCA

We work round-the-clock to safeguard the intellectual property rights of online educators and course creators.

Software DMCA service

Online Stores/Physical Products

A dedicated team of DMCA experts tracks, identifies, and removes all duplicate products on various online stores.


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Protect Your Content & Products with Our DMCA Experts

From content creators and artists to software developers and entrepreneurs - we’ve worked with professionals from various industries. Our dedicated team uses cutting-edge technology to identify potential copyright violations. We also take care of routine tasks such as issuing takedown notices and responding to counter-notices.

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Our Pricing

We offer various pocket-friendly and affordable plans to suit your budget and requirements.



Per Month

  • 1 Product
  • Unlimited Takedown
  • Scanning Done Every 2 Days
  • Weekly Reports
  • Search Engine Takedowns - Google

Small Business


Per Month

  • 1 - 5 Product
  • Unlimited Takedown
  • Scanning Done Daily
  • Weekly Reports
  • Search Engine Takedowns - Google, Bing And Yahoo

Large Organizations


Per Month

  • 1 - 12 Product
  • Unlimited Takedown
  • Scanning Done Daily
  • Weekly Reports
  • Search Engine Takedowns - Google, Bing And Yahoo


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What Our Clients Say

Our emphasis on client satisfaction and high-quality service has turned DMCA Masters into an industry-recognized name.

Kristine Adams

Podcaster & Author
“Kudos to DMCA Masters for helping content creators like me fight copyright violations. Now I don’t have to worry about my work being plagiarized or misused.”

Darren Johnson

Digital Marketer
“I’m thoroughly impressed by their result-oriented and client-friendly approach. I’ve even recommended their services to so many of my colleagues.”

Adam Perry

“Hats off to DMCA Masters for being so patient with all my queries. I can’t fathom how I would’ve protected my online store without their help.”