Who We Are was founded in 2013 to help businesses by protecting their content against piracy, illegal and online offenders and all of which constitute theft. Apart from being a prevalent that disrupts content creators’ rights, piracy is similarly dangerous to consumers’ rights.

Not only do consumers face the risk of buying fake questionable quality products, but also does the pirated content carry a vast risk of malware which is used to corrupt consumer’s computer to capture their personal and financial records. We safeguard yours as well as your customers’ rights and also and warn the illegal downloaders through a message. Our company functions on the keystones of unique quality, customer focus and continuous improvement.

We provide personalized solutions and detailed reports to suit your unique requirements. Our devoted security manager handles all your questions and clarifications. We ensure quick and effective monitoring, takedown and removal of intruding content and fake goods with the best technology and brilliant security professionals.We endlessly measure and evaluate our solutions and strategies to integrate improvements, from updating the list of sites to monitor, to increasing the efficiency of getting violations removed.

What We Do

If you want to protect the reputation, brand and content of your company and want a rapid and infallible way to spot online abuses, our brand is the right choice. By choosing to go with our Protection services, you can aggressively defend your brand and diminish any conceivable cases of future attacks and abuses.

Your satisfaction is supreme to us.

  • Detect abuses faster and better
  • Marketing investments
  • Protect the profits and revenues.
  • Stop the erosion of your brand’s reputation.
  • Greater protection with lesser effort.
  • Build brand confidence by warning customers
  • Deliver quick results.

A lot of time and money is required to build a brand globally. Yet, the brand is highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and can put a serious dent in the marketing investments of the company and put the customer trust, brand reputation and revenues at a great risk.
Cyber-attacks generally create illegal use of trademarks in deceitful paid search ads, deceptive websites, URLs, spam mail, and mobile apps, to distract the traffic to illegal or challenging sites.
SEO manipulation and pay-per-click scams allow fraudsters to claim an association where there is none, link a legitimate brand with fabricated or displeasing content or direct the consumers to the sale of reproduced, forged or otherwise illegal goods.
The cost of leaving such violations unchecked can quickly twist into reduced return on investment for marketing spends. Millions of dollars are lost in revenue. Even a few successful attacks can lead in ruining the honesty of a brand permanently if it is not defied with adequate speed and force to diminish the damage and discourage copycats.
With, companies can eliminate these damaging effects. The software solution we have monitors the largest series of Internet properties and also uses refined procedures for detections like graphics recognition, photo detection and scoring technology which scans through millions of online pages, mobile app stores, social media sites, auction, and e-commerce sites and quickly identify any potential abuse to the brand.

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